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Yacht Management Services

“The yacht owners’ port of call for Professional Yacht Management Services.”

At Vessel Management Services we believe that yachts are meant to be enjoyed, therefore here at VMS our aim is to help yacht owners remove the administrative burden through our exclusive range of professional yacht management services. We offer our clients a range of bespoke vessel management packages tailored to their specific needs and requirements ensuring your yacht is maintained to the highest standard, leaving you free to simply enjoy it.



Personnel Management

Our crew placement team has a comprehensive list of qualified crew from all over the world. This allows us to offer our clients the very best crew available.. From this list we recruit the ideal candidates for the required placements and handle all administration of the personnel.


Maintenance & Repair

We pride ourselves on maintaining your vessel to the highest standard possible.  VMS operates a bespoke web based Vessel Management System which includes Planned maintenance routines, Vessel Certification, Defect reporting, Spares monitoring, Non-conformities & HSE observations. We also carry out regular internal vessel audits and inspections to ensure the system is working correctly.



ISM & ISPS Compliance

The ISM & ISPS Codes require that a yacht’s management is responsible for the technical maintenance of the ship as well as its security. To achieve this we conduct regular audits and inspections, we implement an extensive vessel management system and security plans to ensure we comply with international maritime & local port regulations.


Holistic Yacht Management

Our expertise and experience encompasses all degrees of Yacht Management. When a client opts for our services, our engagement comes with a thorough understanding of formal codes of practice, current knowledge of rules & regulations, technical expertise, reliable administration, commercial awareness and the knowledge in subjective factors of yachting.

Important Regulatory Considerations For Your Yacht

Large charter yachts over 500 gross tonnes (GT) must comply with International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulations for safety and security the International Safety Management (ISM) Code and the International Ship & Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code. In addition, all charter yachts flying a Red Ensign (MCA, Cayman, Bermuda and so on) that are less than 500GT but over 24m in length must comply with the Large Commercial Yacht Code (LY2) Mini ISM requirements.

To operate legally and retain their commercial charter registration, these yachts must prove that they meet relevant code requirements: during regular on-board audits if boarded by the authorities. Privately registered yachts are not required to comply with these codes. But by opting to either partially or completely comply, there is much to be gained in terms of safety and security, and to the benefit of the owner both in terms of use and resale value.


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Our professional services cover all aspects of yacht management and administration which are tailored to the level of assistance required. We have a track record of meeting requirements of our satisfied clientelle’s need to operate seamlessly. Based on the Island of Malta, we offer the necessary facilities and maritime competencies to meet technical and administrative requirements.


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