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Vessel Management

All Ships require a wide variety of management services to cater for compliance, safety and operational needs. We offer comprehensive packages which include purchasing, accounting, provisions and Insurance services.




Our Technical and Operational Management Team are shore based and geared to work closely with our clients to ensure safety, quality and efficiency of all aspects of vessel operations. The team monitors the operations, maintenance and performance of each vessel using a strictly implemented Integrated Management System supported by a detailed Planned Maintenance System.

These systems are in full compliance with the International Safety Management (ISM) code. Health and Safety standards are implemented on each vessel under our management, irrespective of whether the vessel is above or below 500 GRT. Advice, implementation and handling of these regulations can also be managed directly by our team.

Ship operations are also faced with increasing regulations which require compliance with many international standards such as:

Classification Society Rules

Flag State Registry (USCG)


Shipboard Security (MTSA/ISPS)

Safety System Management (ISM)

Quality System Management (ISO)

Purchase inspection

Commercial management

Marine insurance services

Health, safety and environment (HSE) quality services

Corporate management