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Red7 Reel successfully passes its 40th survey


Following the news that Vessel Management Services (VMS) have taken Red7Alliance under their wing, it has been announced that Red7Marine’s Red7 Reel has successfully passed its 40 year special survey.

This will be a 5 year renewal of class for a ship whose keel was first laid in 1974 and then rolled-out in 1976.  Throughout the years the vessel has been mainly classified as a cable layer/offshore support and substantial conversions have been carried out in 1979, 1985, 1992 and in 2005.

The vessels special survey was successfully managed by VMS which included extensive steelwork renewals both on the ship’s hull and in various tanks. A brand new swing up VROS Azimuth thruster was also fitted. During the dry-docking major overhauls of both the main engines and both generators were carried out.

The 91m x 18 m Red7 Reel has a complete work class ROV skid, hydramarine heave compensated 50t @ 17m subsea crane of 2000m, 3.25m x 3.25m moon pool, plus 750sq/m working deck space. It is able to support diving operations in near shore locations, being ideal for supporting cable-related operations.


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